File Sharing and Edit Sharing with Google Drive

Google drive is one more Google application besides Google Calendar. Google drives are cloud storage-based, which means storing files in the cloud or the internet, by using Google Drive, we can access our files wherever and whenever they are connected to the internet. We can access them through various devices such as tablets, PCs, laptops or smartphones , Facilities owned by google drive are very interesting, among them we can backup our documentsfiles with the purpose of security. 

File Sharing and Edit Sharing with Google Drive
File Sharing and Edit Sharing with Google Drive

For example on a computer or laptop we are having interference whether it is nghang or damaged or exposed to the virus maybe the files also damaged by the disturbance. Well here the use of google drives, we can still access the files that are on our computers safely, smoothly and will not be damaged of course if we have backed up all our files into google drive. Then the capacity given by google drive is quite large,  15GB. This time I will share a little knowledge about how to use Google Drive and fun if we share edit files using Google Drive. Here's the step by step.
  1. First of all we must have a google account first, as I told you in the article about google calendar. One Google account can be used for various Google applications. If you don't already have an account, please make it first, if we just log in or log in to our account.
  2. After logging in we will be in our account email, to use our google drive application just click the box icon next to our account name, then select Drive.
  3. After selecting Google Drive, it will point to the main page of Google Drive.
  4. Then click "CREATE" then select "Document". Then the results will appear.
  5. If you have given the title then click OK then the document has been automatically saved, then if you want to share it with your friends or the public. Just click the lau file, select Share.
  6. Furthermore, for others to see your document, you can choose "change" then select "Public on the web".
  7. If you want your friend to have access rights to edit your document, then in the Invite person field, enter your friend's email that you want share, then click "Share & Save". In the dialog box I added my friend's email. Then next to it is access rights so that my friends can edit, so I can choose to edit.
  8. Next the dialog appears here you can determine whether the friend is you can access and edit your document or not. After that click "finish".
Now your friend can edit and receive shares from you. It's easy. Thank you for reading this article, hopefully useful.

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