Tips for Choosing Hosting for Indonesian School Website

The easy access to information online in the present has made many school agencies create websites where students can access the latest information quickly anywhere. Therefore the school website is needed for now.

Tips for Choosing Hosting for Indonesian School Website
Tips for Choosing Hosting for Indonesian School Website
The thing that is very influential on the school website is of course hosting from the website, so it's good that we have to be more selective in choosing hosting for school websites, what's more if there is the latest information and needs to be accessed by students. But when many students want to access this information, there is even downtime on the website.

And here we give Tips on Choosing Hosting for School Website:

Choose a Hosting Server in Indonesia
The main thing that you should pay attention to is the location of the server from the hosting, make sure to choose a server located in Indonesia because remembering the school website is mostly only accessible to visitors from within the country itself. Before buying hosting for school websites it is better to ask the location of the hosting server to the service provider.

Choose a Large enough Disk Space
School websites, as we know them, will certainly store long-term information and it is impossible for the old content to be deleted, and certainly the number of images and other files that will be uploaded. So it's better to choose a hosting package with a large Disk Space (Storage). As our experience as a hosting provider, school websites usually use 1 GB of Disk Space, so it's better to choose storage with at least 1 GB or more.

Choose a Hosting Service Provider that Is Easy to Contact
This is the most important point for hosting services on the school website, make sure the hosting service provider is easy to contact because if something unexpected happens and your school's IT admin cannot be contacted. The alternative route can request technical assistance from the hosting provider. In our experience as a web hosting service provider, when the IT admin from the school has moved assignments, the website becomes abandoned and when you want to rebuild the website you don't get domain and hosting access. Therefore, choose a hosting service provider that is easy to contact.

3 the above is an important point to consider when you want to choose hosting for a school website. Also make sure you choose a hosting provider that is truly reliable and ready to help you at any time. The last thing we can say is make sure to use Indonesian Domain ( for your school website.

So Tips for Choosing Hosting for the School Website this time, hopefully useful and useful for all of us. The author hopes that in the future every school must have a website considering the advancement of technology nowadays.

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